Pure Veg Prawn

Weight: 225 g

Product Ingredients: Soya isolate, Textured Soya Protein, Vegetable oil, (Soya bean & Kernel), corn starch, wheat starch (gluten) Spices & Salt

Barcode: 6091315760066

Savor the taste of the sea with Govinda’s Gift Pure Veg Prawn, a delightful plant-based alternative to traditional prawns. This 225g pack is meticulously crafted using premium soya isolate and textured soya protein, providing a rich source of plant-based protein with a texture that closely mimics the succulent bite of real prawns. The inclusion of vegetable oils from soya bean and palm kernel ensures a juicy and tender consistency, while corn starch and wheat starch (gluten) add the perfect firmness. Enhanced with a carefully selected blend of spices and salt, our Pure Veg Prawn offers a savory and satisfying flavor that brings the essence of seafood to your vegetarian diet. Whether you're stir-frying, grilling, or incorporating them into your favorite dishes, Govinda’s Gift Pure Veg Prawn is versatile and easy to prepare, making it an ideal addition to any meal.