Govinda’s Gift Ltd

A Vegetarian Food Pioneer

Govinda’s Gift Ltd produces around forty vegetarian products under the Govinda label, led by Chemduth Muneshar, a resident of Sébastopol. Founded in 2000, this family business specializes in creating vegetarian products for the local market. Muneshar believes the vegetarian product market remains dynamic and innovative, proposing Mauritians with meat alternatives.
Their vegan products are now found in almost every supermarket aisle around the island. "We started as a small factory, producing burgers on a small scale before delivering them to supermarkets. Our product line includes vegetarian burgers, paneer, polony, various types of vegetarian snacks.
Despite facing a highly competitive market due to the importation of vegetarian products, the company focuses on the local market and also receives foreign orders. Although Chemduth Muneshar doesn't speak in terms of profitability, his son notes that their raw materials come from several countries and are of high quality. To stand out, the company offers pre-cooked products in attractive packaging, adhering to food regulations. "Our vegetarian products are cheaper compared to other brands. For example, a vegetarian product might cost between Rs 40 and Rs 170 from our distributors." he adds.

Purely Vegetarian, Perfectly Delicious

Govinda’s Gift Limited: Redefining Vegetarian Cuisine with Authentic Flavors and Wholesome Ingredients.
Our Story

Family and Professional Life

Sixty-year-old Chemduth Muneshar is a father of three: Yadav, Soudari, and Varshana. His son Yadav ensures the smooth operation of the business. "We don't market our products. The delicious taste and the best prices advertise the company. Muneshar doesn't see himself as a businessman but considers Govinda’s Gift Ltd a gift from God, attributing the company’s success to its employees. 'God is benevolent. He helped us start a 100% vegetarian business after our bankruptcy. With His blessing, our work improves. These people are part of my family,' he says.