Fried Paneer

Weight: 200 g

Product Ingredients: Milk Solid (Milk Fat: 20%minimum) Citric Acid & Common Salt (Citric acid is used for coagulation of milk), for frying: hydrogenated vegetable oil (palm kernel & soya bean)

Barcode: 6091315760011

Savor the rich and creamy taste of Govinda’s Gift Fried Paneer, a delicious and versatile addition to any meal. This 200g pack features high-quality paneer made from milk solids with a minimum of 20% milk fat, ensuring a rich and indulgent texture. The paneer is coagulated using citric acid, with common salt enhancing the natural flavors. Our paneer is expertly fried in hydrogenated vegetable oils from palm kernel and soya bean, giving it a perfect golden crust while maintaining its soft and creamy interior. This process creates a deliciously crispy exterior that adds a delightful texture to any dish.